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Reservation only:    Use the reservation system.
Walk-in:    Check out the bike at the Leverett guard’s office and try to limit use to under 3 hours. Thanks!!!

SpeedsterRoad BikeReservation only
RaleighMountain BikeReservation only
TrekkieHybridReservation only
Giant 4Mountain BikeReservation only
Giant 5Mountain BikeReservation only
BarelliaHybridReservation only
GiantMountain BikeWalk-in
Giant 3Mountain BikeWalk-in
SchwinnRoad BikeWalk-in
RoadmasterMountain BikeWalk-in
PacificMountain BikeWalk-in
MongooseMountain BikeWalk-in
Blue SpeedRoad BikeWalk-in
Trekkie 2HybridWalk-in
PinkSingle SpeedWalk-in