Why Use LevBikes?… Because it’s virtually costless, efficient and convenient. Even if you already own a bike, our diverse selection of bikes gives you access to a plethora of new biking experiences.

How to Sign Up

-Come to the Leverett Guard’s office, review and sign a waiver (located on the clipboard under the University Mailbox).

-Place waiver into the Waiver Dropbox along with a $10 membership fee (envelopes provided).

-Get a sticker for your ID. This allows you to come in at anytime and check out a bike!

How to Checkout a Bike

ONLINE RESERVATIONS- Using this site, you can reserve a bike for the next day. Reservations close at midnight and can only be made for 1 day at a time (7AM-11PM). A Whiteboard with bike info and reservations is in the office and updated every morning. WALK-IN CHECKOUTS- We have several bikes that are exclusively for walk-in checkouts. They have a 3-hour checkout limit though so if you think you’ll need a bike longer, reserve. In addition, reservation bikes are available for checkout during the times which they are not reserved.

8 Simple Rules

1) Before taking a bike, you must leave an ID and write the time at which you will be returning.
2) If checking out a bike that is on the Whiteboard (reservation bikes), make sure the bike has not been reserved before taking it out.
3) Return the bike and the key on time. If for any reason, you are unable to return the bike or the key, contact Charles.
4) Never keep a bike past 11PM without approval from Charles James.
5) Always lock the bike to a rack. If the Leverett Bike rack is full, use one of the surrounding racks.
6) Check the overall condition of the bicycle, such as the tires and brakes, before using. If anything looks not to be in working order, please report it immediately to Charles. DO NOT RIDE.
7) Do not lend the bicycle to anyone or allow anyone else to ride it when it is checked out under your name.
8) Report accidents or theft immediately via email. or to Charles. directly. You are responsible for loss/damage to the bikes while it is checked out under their name.